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LEEP REnewable energy REcovery Facilities

LEEP has green technology that will dramatically reduce waste going to the landfill today, and would be going to a transfer station to be shipped to a landfill in the future.

Our transformational technologies can reduce municipal solid waste (MSW) that is currently landfilled by up to 90%. This dramatic reduction is achieved by capturing (through fractionating) many valuable resources in the MSW stream and generates new revenues for landfill owners and municipalities.

Our patented and patent pending technologies remove the majority of the anthropogenic (fossil based) carbon from municipal solid waste. The Wett biogenic fraction is converted into a renewable biogas which can be upgraded/conditioned to pipeline, for CHP and or for Transportation as a renewable compressed natural biogas.  Our process also yields a synthetic concrete aggregate which has many green building applications. Our aggregate concrete is stronger, more energy efficient, and lighter in weight than other currently utilized concretes. In Addition we recover 100% of the high value metals and glass, for the participating stakeholders.

LEEP's systems and technologies turn municipal solid waste streams from a liability into an asset. Municipalities and landfill owners will realize millions of dollars of revenue versus the current huge costs associated with waste disposal. Our goal is to provide municipalities with the ability to control its waste stream and provide welcome revenues in these trying economic times, while creating new green jobs.

Seeing is believing
- Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Shredding, Materials Recovery, Landfill Diversion
YouTube Link to Demo-  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2JJ4LTVm1s   - LEEP REnewables at Brown Station O22


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